CBT - Gain confidence on a bike on our special "off-road" safety area

CBT is a great way to get your confidence on a bike, but in the safety of an off-road environemnt

A CBT as it is commonly known, is a five-part training course and not a test. It is also the first step for anyone wanting to ride a Scooter or a Motorcycle on public roads. A CBT course will take a full day.

Statistics show that since its introduced in 1990, CBT motor cycle training has further increased safety levels on the roads for Motorcycle riders. CBT is compulsory and required by law. Learners will build on this foundation to become safe and competent throughout their riding life.

CBT gets you on the bikes and teaches you the fundamentals

On arrival and after we have checked your license, you will be given an eyesight check. CBT candidates are required to have these checks by law.

You will learn about all of the aspects of safety helmets and the importance of wearing protective clothing. An introduction to the machine itself then follows. Here you will familiarise yourself with the various controls and be shown the essential daily, and periodic checks; a bike must have.

CBT is a great way to start biking

The dedicated off-road Training Area is then used to teach you to ride the machine in a safe environment. Here you will also learn the necessary skills to be able to handle the motorcycle before going out on the road.

The fourth stage is a talk on road safety and riding your bike in the correct riding position on the road. Here you will develop a safe riding style and understanding to keep you safe on the roads today.

All the basic training you need before yo move onto bigger bikes

Then the best part of the day, the road ride. Everything you have learned throughout the day in the talks and on the dedicated Training Area now comes together on a two-hour road ride. You will receive a minimum of two hours on the road, as this is the requirement of the law.

A radio system fitted in the helmet provided for you, enables your trainer to give you the necessary instructions to reach the required riding standards, as well as being a method of keeping you safe on the road.

large off road CBT track

Once your instructor is satisfied you are of the required standard you will receive your DL196 CBT certificate. This is then valid for two years and entitles you to ride any machine up to 125cc with L-Plates for anyone 17 or over.

The minimum aged for any CBT rider is 16 years old. 16 years old CBT riders are also restricted to using 50cc mopeds.