Direct Access Scheme for Motor Bike Training, Lessons & Tuition, Liverpool

AMT are DVSA Approved

Direct Access Scheme for Motor Cycle Training, Lessons & Tuition are carried out by Experienced, Qualified Professionals based in Aintree, Liverpool, Merseyside and are on the er 650

direct access bikes

Our Direct Access Scheme for Motor Cycle Training is based in Aintree, Liverpool on Merseyside and is carried out by trained qualified professionals with years of experience. Direct Access motor bike lessons and tuition is for anyone 24 years or older. It allows you to ride any machine regardless of power output.

After successful completion of your CBT we will be quickly looking towards progressing you on to our Kawasaki ER 650 machine. Your training on the ER 650 begins with an introduction to the bike and its controls and functions. The differences between the ER 650 and the 125 are also explained.

The dedicated Training Area is used initially so you can familiarize yourself with the machine and become comfortable with handling it. After this short period your training begins.

Depending on how quickly you progress will determine how long it takes before you reach Test Standard. Our aim is that you will not only pass your test but you will also be an asset to your self and other road users by being a safe and conscientious rider.