Thinking about going back to Biking?

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If you've just passed your test and are looking to improve even further, our Enhancement course is ideal for you.

We highly recommend our further training courses if you're looking to improve your riding skills. Maybe you're trying to get to grips with a new motorcycle, or returning to biking after a break for a few years away.

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Courses are specifically designed to suit the needs of each rider. We'll assess your riding, and give recommendations where improvements can be made to enhance your riding technique.

This one-day course will help you develop your current basic skills that you needed to pass your practical test. The Enhancement course helps create greater awareness, smoother and more precise manoeuvering resulting in a more knowledgeable and safer rider.

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All aspects of riding will be covered including Planning, Positioning, Overtaking, Cornering, Defensive Riding as well as the mental aspect and attitude of yourself and other road users.

Coffee and Lunch stops will include debriefing and discussions on technique and your progress throughout the course.