If you have a question it may already be listed below.

  • How long will a CBT last for?

    Courses start at 9:00 a.m. and usually finish between 3-5:00 p.m.
  • Will I need to bring a bike with me?

    No, we provide all motorcycles and safety equipment such as helmets, gloves and rainwear if necessary.
  • Do I need to have passed my theory test before going on to CBT?

    No, but a knowledge of the Highway Code would be beneficial.
  • If I do a CBT on an automatic bike, can I still ride a geared bike?

    Yes, but we recommend further training to upgrade your skills to that on a geared machine.
  • What is your ratio of students to instructors?

    One instructor for every two students is the maximum during road training
  • Is CBT really necessary or can I just go straight to another course?

    Yes, Compulsory Basic Training is just that. It is a must, and required by law, before you can go any further.
  • Can I bring my own helmet?

    Yes. If you have any other forms of motorcycle protective clothing please feel free to bring them too.
  • Do I need a licence?

    Yes. If you have a full driving license you will automatically already have provisional entitlement to ride a motorcycle. This will still mean you have to start on a CBT course first. Alternatively, you will need a provisional license to ride a bike, which you can do by applying via the DVLA through your local post office. See Routes to your License for more details.
  • What size of bike can I ride if I’m only 16?

    You can ride any bike up to 49cc with a restricted speed of not more than 31mph (50kph)
  • What size of bike can I ride at 17 yrs?

    Up to 125cc, as long as not more than 14.6bhp
  • How long does a CBT certificate last?

    Current CBT certificates are valid for two years
  • Can I use my own bike?

    Yes, it needs to be road worthy and legal, and display full sized ‘L’ plates front and back
  • Do I have to pass my theory test before I can take my practical test?

    Yes but you may begin any training before taking your theory test
  • Is there a fast route to get to a more powerful bike?

    Yes, the Direct Access Scheme and is available to people of 24 yrs and over, and provides a fast track route to larger bikes
  • Can I book my Theory Test with you?

    Yes, or you may want to book it yourself via the DVSA. If you would prefer us to book it we can. See Complete Packages for more details on costs for courses, tests etc.
  • How many lessons will I need after finishing my CBT?

    Everybody learns at a different speed, but on average somebody with a little motorcycle experience and some road sense, 10 – 12 hours is usually sufficient.
  • How long does the practical test take?

    It takes approximately 45 mins from start to finish, including briefings.